There are a lot of misconceptions about becoming a cam girl that tends to stop women from doing this job, even though they want to. Some of it is misinformation and some of it is simply the viewpoints of those that don’t really understand what it is. Whether you are thinking about becoming a cam model, or you are already in the business, you have probably heard some of these common misconceptions. Well, it’s time to clear things up! Here’s the truth about being a cam girl.

#1. Being a cam girl isn’t a real job

For some reason, there is still a lot of taboo about online cam models with many people thinking its not real work or that its second-tier work in some way. But that is not true! There are thousands of women and men all over the world that make a full-time living from camming. And, most of these models will work just as much as those working a 9-5 in an office. In fact, most cam models probably work more than this, and earn a lot more than those in an office too!

#2. Being a cam girl is the same as being a prostitute

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a prostitute or sex worker, but a cam girl is not the same thing. Cam girls work in an online environment only. Cam models never meet their clients and fans in real life and there is no intercourse involved.

#3. Cam work is shady

So long as you are over 18, there is absolutely nothing shady about being a cam model. This type of work is completely legal. Just make sure you do your taxes properly and pay them! As long as you keep things in order, there is nothing shady about it.

#4. Cam girls are desperate for cash

There is definitely a misconception that the only people that become cam models are those that desperately need the money and can’t get it any other way. But, that’s not true! A lot of cam models choose to do this work over more conventional work because they love it! They like to entertain and have fun and make money doing something that makes them feel awesome. They aren’t forced into it either. Cam models chose to do what they do and there is no shame in it.

#5. Everybody will find out that you are a cam girl

If you do want to keep your cam work a secret from friends and family, then you can! With geoblocking, you can block viewers from your city, state or country from seeing you at all. There are all sorts of way to protect yourself and your privacy with this type of work. And no one will find out that you do it unless you tell them.

#6. Only super attractive females can become cam models

This isn’t true at all. Literally anyone can do it! Of course, those that are considered conventionally beautiful can do great on cam sites but so can those whose looks may be a little quirkier. Cam models cater to all tastes. Just take a look through the different filters and categories on cam sites to get an understanding for just how wide the range of cam models are. No matter how you look or what your nationality or gender is, there is a place for in the cam world!

#7. Camming is easy money

A lot of people think that this work is easy money. And that is completely wrong. It takes a whole lot of time and effort to earn money on the cam site. If you aren’t willing to dedicate some time and hard work, this probably isn’t the right job for you. Don’t forget that this is a full-time job for most cam models.

#8. Cam models are loose 

Being a cam girl doesn’t mean that you want to sleep with everyone you meet! Unfortunately, this is a super common misconception that has stuck. As a cam model, you will likely get messages from people calling you all sorts of derogatory names or expecting you to sleep with them.

#9. Cam girls can’t hold down a partner

On a similar note, this is a pretty common one too, assuming that all cam models are single as they can’t hold down a relationship. There is no reason that a cam model can’t hold down a happy, healthy relationship. So long as both people are happy with the line of work, then you can just get on with it and live your lives.

#10. Cam girls aren’t educated

There is a huge range of different types of people that become cam models and a lot of them are well educated. Cam models need to be able to hold down a conversation with all types of different people, so the idea that they aren’t educated or intelligent is ridiculous. Also, what better way to pay off your student loan than through camming? You choose your schedule and can literally work around your study. It’s a perfect set-up!

#11. Cam girls live extravagant lifestyles

There is this idea that all cam models are super-rich and live extravagant lifestyles with big cars and endless champagne and rapper boyfriends! But, in most cases, this is completely not true. While this can be the case for those right at the top of the industry who choose to live that lifestyle, in most cases, cam models are just everyday people trying to make a good living. The amount that cam models make from month to month varies hugely. And, while that life may be the goal for some, it’s not for everyone.

Misconceptions about this industry can have a big impact on cam models and the way they are treated by others. But, you should note that these things are just not true and while they come up from time to time, in most cases, these misconceptions won’t affect your day to day life at all. Just do what you want to do, enjoy yourself and make some money honey!