If you are just starting out in the cam model business and have been doing some online research, chances are you will have come across multiple websites talking about cam model studios. These might be in the form of what looks like job listings or call-outs for cam models, or it might just be the studio’s websites showing up in your search results. So what are they?

What are cam model studios?

There are actually two different kinds of cam model studios. There are physical cam model studios which are actual studios where you can go and live cam, and there are virtual studios which are companies that can help you with different aspects of camming but do not provide the location or equipment for you. Let’s look at them in more detail because knowing what they are all about and which one you should go for if you are interested in some help getting started.  

Physical cam model studios

Physical cam model studios are studios which are full of individual sets that are used by cam models to stream their video. While you may think that cam performers all just do it from their own homes, there is actually a massive chunk of models that will be using studios. And there are a lot of benefits in choosing to do so.

First up, they provide the location. And, there are all sorts of options to choose from too. They will have classic sets like bedrooms of course, but there are also bathroom sets, office spaces, lounges, kitchens, libraries and even boardrooms to use. Having the location all set up is ideal for many models, especially those that are new to the business. You might live with parents, or flatmates right now and this kind of work can get loud (if you know what I mean). Having a safe place where you won’t get interrupted and don’t need to deal with any awkward conversations with family members or flatmates is going to make your life much easier.

They also look amazing! You have probably watched some cam model streams and thought they all have amazing taste and great luxurious bedrooms, right? Well, this might be why. Using these sets means you don’t need to worry about decking your room out with luxury furniture that might be out of your price range right now.

Speaking of the price range, these studios also have state of the art equipment for you to use. Equipment that newbies are unlikely to be able to afford. Studios will have amazing large-screen monitors, professional lighting, the best of the best in webcams, super-fast internet, high-performance computers, quality microphones and speakers and webcam streaming software. Lots of studios will even have software with splitting technology so that you can stream on two sites at once and boost your income.

Studios offer a lot of other benefits too. Some will provide training for you to boost your chances of success, they might also cover your online and social media marketing to reach as many fans as possible and most will even have hair and makeup artists on-site to make sure you are always looking your best.

Sounds great right?! So, I’m sure you are wondering what the catch is. And, it’s a biggie. The thing is, physical cam model studios take a big cut. Usually between 40% – 50% of your earnings! It’s a lot. But, if you can’t afford the equipment to look super professional and perform at a high level as these studios allow, then that cut might be worth it. These studios help performers to make a lot of money! They are great if you are new to the industry to help you earn some big money and get yourself established. Then you can start to save up and invest in some of the equipment you need to go independent and move into your own space. That way you will get all of your income rather than having to hand over 50% every week.

Virtual Cam Model Studios

A virtual studio is another studio option that you might come across online. What these studios offer will differ between studios but the general gist is that they are more of a hand-holding option to help you get into the business. What they offer is usually guidance in the industry. Things like training on how to become a cam model in the first place, mentorship, promotion of your work and other kinds of online help.

They will still take a big cut too. Not as much as a physical studio but a good 10% – 20% which is a pretty large chunk of your income for honestly, not that much work on their behalf. I would only recommend going with one of these studios if you have absolutely no idea how to start. But, you are probably better off just looking for the help you need online and saving yourself a lot of money in the long run. You will find that many cam websites have articles and videos to help get you set up and provide training so you can make the most of your time on the site.

If you do decide to go with a virtual studio, make sure you pick one that definitely provides the service that you want from them, as not all will do what is listed above. And, take the time to read the contract thoroughly. If you sign up to a cam site with a virtual studio, you might find that after leaving the studio there is a period that you are unable to sign up to that same site as an independent cam model. So, don’t skimp on that small print!

Which option is best for me?

That all depends on what your needs are. While cam model studios are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many models that do everything on their own with great success! Just make sure you do your research first to find out exactly what a physical or virtual studio has to offer so that your needs are met and you can get what you need out of it. And remember, that you don’t need to stay with a studio forever, it might just help you get where you want to be in your camming career a bit faster.