If you want to take your cam girl show to the next level, it doesn’t get much sexier than including a sex toy or two. Using a sex toy on your cam stream has a lot of benefits. Firstly, you get to pick the toys that you actually enjoy using and have a whole lot of fun with them while you work, and secondly, your viewers are going to love it! Just watch those big tippers start rolling in. There are all sorts of different types of sex toys that you can use but this is a list of the best cam girl sex toys to use if you want to impress your fans.

A Suction Cup Dildo

Dildos are extremely versatile toys that you can get in endless shapes and sizes and you can use them in a bunch of different ways. You can use them vaginally, anally or in your mouth to get those fans super excited. While any dildo works great, a suction cup option allows you to use the toy hands-free. This means that your hands won’t block any of the action while you play and that you can use them to explore the rest of your body.

Just remember that a suction cup dildo requires a hard, smooth surface to attach too. So a hardwood floor, the wall of your shower or a chair will be great. Of course, you can hold onto it sometimes too! And you will get extra points if you go for a super lifelike option. Your fans will love watching what you can do with something that looks just like the real thing. Let their imaginations run wild!

A Wand Vibrator

The best thing about using a wand vibrator on cam is that it is pretty near impossible not to have a real reaction to using one of these toys. They are super strong! Watching you feel that real power and pleasure from a wand vibrator will drive your viewers wild. No need to fake it with one of these babies. There are finally a lot of rechargeable options available now too so you don’t need to worry about it being plugged in while you play. Just charge it and go wild.

A Glass Toy

If you want something a little less intense, then a glass toy might be the perfect option for you. These are generally on the smaller side and they tend to look very delicate and pretty. They are ideal toys for slow, teasing scenes and they still feel amazing! If you are worried that using a large toy will make your fans feel intimidated, then a pretty glass toy should keep them happy.

An Anal Toy

If you enjoy anal play, then adding an anal toy into the mix is a great way to boost those tips! For some reason, there is still a bit of taboo around anal stimulation and it makes for great viewing. Your fans will love it! You can use a butt plug to wear throughout your show or go for anal beads or a dildo so you can move it around a bit and show some of that in and out motion to spoil your viewers.

Sex Furniture

Not so much a toy, but something to consider none the less is a piece of sex furniture that will help you to get into particular positions and stay there comfortably. The Liberator range of sex furniture has all sorts of pieces that look super stylish and will also keep your hips lifted or send that booty right up into the air. You can also find pieces that will hold your toy in place so you can use a dildo or a wand vibe hands-free. If you have some extra cash, then these can seriously up your camming game.


Take things up a notch with teledildonics and let your fans be in charge of your pleasure, and most importantly, pay for it. On Cam4 you can set yourself up with the Lovense toy range and the Lovense menu. This allows viewers to tip you and control the vibrations of the toy and how long the toy will vibrate for. The more they tip, the longer the vibration lasts. It makes for a much more interactive experience which your viewers will love.

You can use these in public chats or private chats and let the customers pay to be in charge of the toy. The Lovense software also allows the visitors to see exactly what is going on with the menu in the corner. They can see how intense the vibration is, who activated it and your three best tippers. There are also games you can play with the viewers to get even more tips. Roll the Dice is a super popular one where your viewer’s tip to roll the dice and the toy response is randomized.

Things to look out for

No matter which type of toy you choose to go with there are a few things that you need to consider to make things as easy for yourself as possible.

Stick to body-safe materials only! Stick to silicone, ABS plastic, glass, wood or aluminum toys. Anything that is non-porous and won’t harbor any bacteria. Not only as these the only options that are proven safe for insertion in your body but they are also the easiest to clean. When you are camming, you need toys that can be cleaned on the go without too much effort. These materials can all be wiped down with an antibacterial sex toy wipe and will be good to go again in seconds.

The other super important thing is choosing toys that you enjoy using and that will be comfortable for you to use for long periods of time. Don’t dive into something too massive that will constantly stretch you out. And, avoid anything that is too strong vibration wise too. You might become numb or irritated after a while.

Adding sex toys into your cam shows is a great way to boost your tips and score some serious fans. Just make sure you pick your toy wisely and get something that you actually enjoy using. It should be fun for you too after all!