Before you can start earning money as a cam model you need to make sure you have the right equipment. You might be surprised by how much gear is needed to get started, but some of these items, you will hopefully have already. There are thousands of other cam models out there trying to make money too, so you need to create a set-up that is going to make you stand out and the more professional you can make it look, the more money you are going to earn. We don’t want a sub-standard broadcast! You want to dazzle them here to get them tipping coming back for more. A burry body just isn’t going to cut it online! The better your stream quality is; the higher the income potential you will have. 

But, let’s be honest. How professional your set up will be is dependent on how much cash you have to spend. But, remember that you don’t need to start with the best gear, start small and work your up to that professional level as you see some money rolling in.  

Here is what you need to get set up and start making some money. 

First things first, the webcam!

If you want to be a webcam model, then an essential item is the webcam itself. While most laptops will come with a webcam installed, the quality of these is usually pretty low and you will still likely need to invest in a good quality webcam. What’s great is, these don’t need to be super expensive. 

The brand Logitech is a fan favourite making super high-quality cams without the hefty price tag in most cases. But, if there is one piece of equipment you are going to splurge on for your set-up, it should be this. Also, make sure you pick an option with HD. Webcam customers demand a lot these days and an HD video is an absolute necessity is you are after the big bucks! 

Laptop or desktop computer

Working online means that you are going to need a computer to run your cam model business. You will use these as you perform to stream your content so you need to think about what option is going to work for you. 

If you move around a lot while you perform then a laptop may be best as you can move it with you and work with different settings and even in different locations too. However, if you just have the one set where you perform, then a desktop computer will work fine. 

There are technical things to consider too as you are going to need a computer that will work as fast as you need it to and have enough room to store your content. These are some guidelines to follow. 

·     Processor – Intel Core i7. 

·     Ram – 8GB minimum to ensure all your programs run smoothly.

·     Hard Drive – Go for a 1TB If you are going to be selling high-quality video clips, photos etc. then you will need a lot of space to save all this to your computer. 

·     Memory – 1 SSD

High-speed internet

A great high-speed internet connection is absolutely essential for anyone that works online, but especially for webcam performers. Your internet needs to be able to upload HD video without any lag time or skipping of the video. 

And remember that high-speed internet for most people is about being able to download content fast, but that’s not what you are after. You need a service that is going to allow you to upload fast. So do your research and make sure the service provider you choose is going to supply this high-speed upload rate that you need. 

Wireless keyboard and mouse

These aren’t exactly essential items but they are going to make your stream look much more professional and relaxed too. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, you don’t need to be right up next to the computer to work. You can lounge on the bed and keep that sexy relaxed feel about you while still doing what you need to do. 


Yes, there will be a microphone built into your webcam but you will find that the quality of sound isn’t the best it can be. It’s totally fine to start out with of course, but its something to consider in the long-term if you want to stand out. Plus, a good microphone is pretty inexpensive and it makes a big difference to the level of professionality of your streams. 


So lighting is probably going to be the most difficult part of your set-up. Because, honestly, this makes or breaks your video feed. You can have the best camera in the world, but with terrible lighting, it is going to look like rubbish. Ideally, you want a set up that has three-point lighting and light umbrellas to soften and diffuse the harshness of the light. But, I understand that this is not always possible due to space or money constraints. 

If this just isn’t feasible then get as much light as possible onto your set. Grab all the lamps from around the house if you need to and set them up as best you can. The idea is to have you completely lit without it being too harsh and with as few shadows as possible. Use lamps and natural light from a window if you can. 

If you can only get two lights, then ensure you position them at the angle that is going to provide you with the most light and the least amount of shadows. This means having one to your left and the other to the front right of you. This should give you a pretty good amount of light. 


Ok, that’s the tech stuff done, now let’s move into the fun stuff. Lingerie! When it comes to lingerie the more options you have, the better. Look out for sets that have lots of layers so you can slowly strip down removing one piece at a time. This will incentivize viewers to pay up with those tips and get more off of you. You don’t want to show everything too fast! This lingerie can help to make them work for it. 

And, remember to get lots of panties. You can sell used panties as a side gig and you will get even more for them if the buyer watched you wear them in one of your streams. Think about fetish wear or costumes too as there are lots of opportunities for roleplay or fetish streams on cam sites. 

I know all of this probably sounds like a big investment and it is. But you can start small and slowly build up the quality of your equipment as you start to make more money. Start with the webcam, the internet connection and the lighting and keep building on your set from there.