It might seem as though cam girls just get naked on camera and viewers send them money, but, there is quite a bit more to it than that! Nowadays there are all sorts of ways that cam girls can make money on site. From tips to paid per minute private shows to selling videos and photos. And, there are also extra offsite ways to make some extra money in this industry. Let’s take a look at the common ways that cam girls actually make money online. 

Public Shows

Public shows are shows which anyone on the website can access for free and the model gets money from viewer tips. The models get to set their tip goals and when one is reached they will do or perform a particular act. It may be taking off their shirt. Showing their booty, or playing with a toy. As this is a group option, viewers will tip what they want to and they will accumulate with the other viewer’s tips for this tip goals. A lot of people will sit back and watch without actually tipping though which is why how much you can earn from this work will change from day to day. 

Here on Cam4, the models get USD 0.10 per token. So, if you get 1000 tokens during a cam session, you get to take home USD 100. In this case, the cut that the website takes is already included in the tipping price, so cam models can keep track of exactly how much they will be getting as they earn it. 

This isn’t the case for all cam sites though. In a lot of instances, the websites cut will be taken from the tip the model receives after the fact. How much it is will vary from site to site, so if you are looking at signing up for a website, make sure you find this out first. 

Private Shows

These are shows between you the cam model and one fan. These shows charge per minute rather than via tips and are a great way to earn money. The model determines the price and in most cases can charge between 1.00 USD per minute and 5.00 USD per minute for the top-rated cam girls. 

There are also fixed-rate private shows on some cam sites. These are private shows for a set amount of time for a set rate. This makes booking private shows easy for the model and the viewer and the model still gets to determine that price. 

Cam 2 Cam Shows

This is an extra feature of private shows which allows the viewer to turn on their webcam and interact with the cam girl on a more intimate level. There is no extra price for this but it can be a popular feature for those that enjoy a more realistic experience. 

Group Shows

These are shows for multiple fans, but they will need to buy a set price ticket in advance. Again, the model sets the price for this and can use the public show to give a taste of what will be shown in the group show. Viewers can purchase a ticket from your profile and sit back and enjoy without needing to tip further. This makes this type of show very popular. 

Toy Shows

A super fun way for cam girls to make money on cam sites is to offer interactive sex toy shows where the viewer’s tip to control the toy. Different tip amounts will result in different lengths of vibration which means you get pleasure from the toy and they get pleasure watching you get off. You set up the tip menu on the screen so that viewers can see what their tip will do and then go wild with it. 

Tip Games

That’s not the only way that you can incorporate a more interactive tipping process into your cam girl repertoire. There are also fun games that can make tipping more exciting. Games like Spin the Wheel where viewers tip a specific amount to spin the wheel and the performer will do a specific act dependent on where the wheel lands. Roll the Dice is another common game that works similarly but each number of the die has its action. 

Fan Clubs

Once you get yourself established you can also create a fan club to make the most of the adoration of your fans. A fan club charges members a monthly amount of tokens and gives them perks that non-members don’t receive. It can be things like videos, photos or unlimited messages with the model. It’s a great way to get a frequent income with little work. 


There are also all sorts of extras that you can do to make some extra money without needing to be on cam. 

–      Selling videos and photos

You can sell sexy videos and content straight from your cam profile to make an income without needing to be online. Everyone that visits your profile will see these and be able to purchase them. 

–      Having a paid private Snapchat or Instagram

Another option is to create a private Snapchat account or Instagram account and only allow access to paying members. You can post sexy photos and videos on here and give your fans a little glimpse into your life outside of camming. They will love it!


So, this won’t get you money exactly, but having a wishlist online means that your fans can send you items that you are dreaming about and save you the money and hassle of having to buy it yourself. 

Don’t forget that not all of these options will be available on all cam sites, so do your research first and find the site that offers the features you want. Then, you can sign up and start making some money as a cam girl!