There are thousands of cam girls out there! And, that means that some of them will be absolutely amazing, and others, well… not so much. A lot of what goes wrong for those that aren’t doing so well comes down to the fact that a lot of people that sign up to become a cam girl think that this shit is going to be easy money. You will quickly learn that that is not the case at all. Being a cam model takes work and a lot of it. While some people can get away with doing a few cam shows on the side for some extra cash, most of the models on these sites do this as a full-time job. And when I say full time, I mean it. A lot of models will be streaming for hours on end before they are happy to leave it for a day. 

So, with all this in mind, here’s how to not suck at being a cam girl!

Work your ass off

I’m sorry to break this to you, but those famous cam girls you see on Instagram who have thousands or even millions of followers, worked their asses off to be where they are now. And if you want to get to that level, you are going to have to as well. Most of those girls would have been doing this for years’ full time and worked their way up slowly to where they are now. Expect to work full-time hours, if not more to make a great income from camming. 

Invest some money back into it

Yes, it takes work, and, it also takes money. So, don’t go and blow all that money you have started earning too quick. You should put some aside some of that camming income to put back into your business. 

Get a good camera, get a training course if you need it, get good lights, practice doing your hair and makeup and definitely buy that beautiful expensive lingerie! This is a visual experience for your viewers and the better the quality of the video, and the more professional you and your set up look, the more money you are going to earn in the long run. 

Don’t give up too soon

This also means, don’t give up if things don’t work the way you think they are going to. Like I said before, this takes time. New people to your profile are unlikely to tip you but if you can turn these viewers into fans that come back for more, you will start to see those tips flowing in. These are the same people that are going to take you for a private show too. It will happen, it might just not happen as fast as you might like. 

Engage with messages from members

I know this isn’t always a fun task, and some fans are likely to send you a lot of messages, but engaging with fans on a personal level is really the best way to keep them sticking around. And, to get them to become paying fans. Just be careful not to offer too much of yourself to those that you truly don’t think will ever actually end up as paying fans. Give your time wisely and make those fans of yours feel special.

Stick to a cam schedule

If you stream erratically and change your streaming time from day to day, you are not going to end up with any regulars. Don’t forget that viewers have their own lives and their schedules and most of them have a set time of day or week where they return to the site. So pick your times and days and stick to them. You will start to notice some regular viewers in no time.

And don’t forget the importance of social media for telling fans about your schedules or any changes to it as well. Twitter and Instagram are great for this! Even if you have to miss a show, your fans will appreciate you letting them know that you won’t be there. 

Don’t take too long a break away from camming

All that hard work to get regulars and fans will be wasted if you take a long break. Sorry, but it’s true. If you don’t appear for too long, then they will just forget about you or move on to someone new. It’s a tough world out there, so stick to breaks of a maximum of a week to make sure you keep your regulars happy and stay at the top of their mind. 

Be cute and personable!

Whatever happens, just be as cute as possible. Be relatable and bubbly and show some personality. You will be surprised by how many of these viewers want to chat with you and get to know you a bit. So, let that personality shine! And dressing cute will go a long way too. Whatever you think cute is and whatever you feel cute in, that’s what you should be wearing! If you look cute, you feel cute right?! So go for it. 

Make your viewers feel special

This is the fastest way to turn your viewers into fans. Welcome them when they enter a chat room and start chatting with them straight away. Give them a big warm welcome and make them feel special and they will come back to you over and over again. 

Work it!

Even if your room is slow, no one is tipping and no one is chatting, do not just sit there staring at the camera. Because if you do, and someone arrives and sees that, they will just leave again. Have fun! Or at least make sure you look as though you are having fun! Smile, dance around a little, tease, strip, shake your booty. You are in charge of how entertaining your room is! Don’t just rely on feedback as you might be waiting a while. Have a good time and make people come to you. 

Not sucking at being a cam girl is honestly super easy. It all comes down to creating a schedule and being friendly, welcoming and cute, even if you are not in the mood.