This is a guide for ultimate beginners looking to get started in the world of camming. Although it sounds simple: flick on webcam, strip, get paid… there is a lot more to it than that, especially if you want to stay protected online and make some good money. So, sit back, relax and take some down some notes. Here is the beginner’s guide to becoming a cam girl. 

Get your equipment

It’s not as easy as just using the camera on your laptop. There are thousands of models of out there and if you don’t have a high-quality stream, you aren’t going to make much money doing this.  

Here is a quick breakdown of the minimum essentials you will need to get started. 

· A webcam

· A computer or laptop

· A high-speed internet connection

· Great lighting

· A safe location where you won’t be interrupted

Sign-up to a cam site

Do some research about different cam sites to make sure you pick the right one for you. Do they take a cut from your tips, how much is it, what extra features do they offer to make you money, how often do they pay, how do they pay? These are all really important questions so take your time with this. When you find one you like, then you can sign up for a model account and get started. Make sure you have some good photos ready when you sign up as you will need these for your application. 

Get acquainted with the cam site

Once you are all signed up, it’s a great time to take a look around and learn how everything works. Most cam sites will have their own training centre for models where they can read articles, watch videos and get acquainted with the site. Take extra care reading about the performer dashboard before you go live as this will be where you spend a lot of your time. 

Chat rooms are also a great place to get information. Read as much as you can so you will at least have some idea about how to work things before your first-ever stream. The more you know upfront the better. 

Pick a name

Once you pick a name, make sure you do some googling to ensure that it is not already being used by someone else. You don’t want anything too similar to someone else either as it may confuse. 

Go for something that is easy to remember and that hopefully has some association with you, the way you perform or your personality. If you don’t know where to start, you can simply pick a common but sexy first name and then pick a word you love for the last name. Just make sure it suits the image you are going to project on the cam site. 

Protect yourself

Make sure that you know what you are in for and do whatever you need to do to keep your identity private from your viewers. 

Set your personal social accounts to private and ensure you look at geoblocking options on the site. In most cases, you will be able to turn off a few locations so that no-one from your city or state can view you. If you are going to be keeping your job a secret from family and friends, then this is an essential step. 

Set up your profile

Your profile is an extremely part of being a cam girl so make it as sexy and as tempting as possible. This is where people will go to check out whether they want to watch your live ca, streams or not, so give them something to get excited about. 

And don’t forget those photos! This is the only thing that people will see before joining a chat to check you out. Make them good, make them sexy but don’t give too much away. Make them join in the stream if they want to see more. 

Make sure you set yourself as a new model on the site

This tag is your best bet for getting seen on the site and will hopefully get you some viewers from day 1. Make the most of the time that they allow you to have this tag too. If you get 8 hours, I would use them all. 

Start with a bang

Look hot, have a great set-up and be as prepared as you can possibly be for your first-ever live cam stream. When people arrive at your stream, you need to wow them. You might not get them tipping right away, but if you impress them, they will come back again and start tipping in no time. Oh, and if confidence is an issue, have a couple of drinks. It will help!

Make viewers feel special

You need to make your chat a fun place to be. If you are bored or look bored, then you are unlikely to get any tips. People tip models that they know and love. It’s hard enough to build an audience and create fans out of viewers, let alone get them to tip you! But the best way to make this happen is to treat your viewers like kings. Welcome them, remember returners and give them something to smile about. 

Weed out the crappy ones

In saying that, not all viewers are going to become fans and you need to weed them out early. Don’t waste your time on guests as these are users that don’t even have an account which means there is no way they can tip. They are here for the free ride and they are not worth a second of your time. Look out for members with money in their pockets, and tokens in their accounts! This is a job. So focus on things and people that are going to make you money. That is why you are here! 

Market yourself

This means creating a twitter account and maybe an Instagram too. If you have a Twitter or Instagram you can promote yourself, show some sexy photos and post your streaming schedule to get your fans worked up and ready for a show later. It also means that you can communicate with fans if you need to cancel last minute. You won’t look like a flake if you tell them in advance. 

Don’t expect your first week to be a roaring success. You will need to put time and effort into this if you want it to be profitable for you. Don’t forget that this is a full-time job for most cam models and they work a lot to make the big bucks.