Sure, you can make money by performing in front of a cam. But the real money comes from the tips you earn from performing shows. There are other ways you can earn tips as a cam girl – more about this in just a minute. Your job as a cam girl is to give your viewers a satisfying performance, be it through shows or other creative ways. Here are some of the most popular ways to earn more tips as a cam girl.

Play tipping games

We all love games – especially sex games. Several good cam websites offer a variety of tipping games to make the entire camming experience more fun and exciting. These tipping games are also very profitable to cam girls. Don’t be afraid to try these games – they add fun and excitement to camming, and you just may thoroughly enjoy yourself in the bargain.

Spin the Wheel is a popular game that is available on cam websites – but with a twist. Each segment of the wheel represents a particular act the cam girl must perform. Viewers (in this case the players) tip the model to get a chance at spinning the wheel. The model on her part must perform the task corresponding to the segment the wheel lands on.

Another popular game is Roll the Dice. Each number on the die represents a sexy act the model has to perform. Players tip the model to roll the dice. The model will have to perform the act corresponding to the number that is thrown.

Do these games sound gimmicky? Models can make a lot of money, through tips, by playing these tipping games. Viewers are willing to play these games, so if you decide to play these games, you could be pretty sure that you will have a large audience.

Bring in the toys

If it’s one thing viewers love to see more than a cam girl, is a cam girl with a toy. Sex toys you can use include dildos, vibrators, wand vibrators, and anal toys. There are several others, but these sex toys are especially popular with cam fans.

Interactive toys can get you more money. An interactive toy is a toy that is used by a cam girl but controlled by her viewers. The length of vibrations and the intensity of the vibrations are some of the controls that lie in the hands of the viewers. Different amounts of tips correspond to different lengths of time the vibration goes on, as well as the intensity of the vibrations. Viewers tip accordingly. Fans love interactive toys.

Before you bring in a toy, market the session on social media and also on your profile to let your viewers and fans know when you will be holding this show. The more you publicize this event, the more viewers and more tips you get.

Convert your viewers to cams

Viewers are fine, but not all of them pay. To make more money, concentrate on converting your viewers to paying fans. As a fan, they would have exclusive access to never-before-seen pictures and videos of you; they will even get to have one-on-one conversations, cam sessions, and more. Entice them into becoming paid fans. As a paid fan, they would need to pay a monthly fee to have access to all the ‘fan goodies’ you have on offer.

Target repeat visitors. They come back because they like you and it will be relatively easier to convert them into fans. Be nice to them, give them personal attention, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Welcome feedback

Positive feedback on certain acts simply means one thing – you are doing it right, and they love it. Continue doing what they love. But how will you know what they are coming back for? Ask questions, find out what part of your act turns them on. If they have negative feedback, take that on board as well. At the end of the day, your fans’ and viewers’ feedback is important; and how you respond to that feedback can either make or break your career as a cam girl.

Be friendly and courteous to your fans

The best thing you can do to earn more money is by being courteous and friendly to everyone who visits your profile, and those who take part in your shows. The people who visit websites regularly are those who are looking for more than just a sex show. They want a relationship that they miss in their everyday life. You can be their sounding board – the only one who listens to them. So, besides performing shows, you can also be an online companion.

Be bold, fun, kind, and courteous to your viewers, and very soon, they will be paying fans.

Experiment with new ideas

Earlier, we asked you to listen to your fans and viewers and take their comments on board. We also asked you to continue what works for you. But that doesn’t mean your popular acts are the only acts you should stick to. Experiment and explore new ideas and acts. There are a whole lot of different types of acts and categories you will find on a cam website. Pick out a couple of them and try them. If they work, you have new types of shows to add to your kitty; if they don’t, give them up. Some shows you can experiment with are role-playing, wearing latex, and domination shows. You could always ask your fans what they would like to see you do.

All the above are ideas to earn more tips. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of the above, you can try others. These are merely suggestions – proven tips that bring in a lot more money in the form of tips. There are several ways you can earn tips as a cam girl; you could even get creative and try something new. Who knows, you just might start a new money-making trend on cam websites.