One of the biggest problems that cam models face is how to stay protected online and ensure a comfortable level of privacy and security. These tips will help you to keep your identity private to avoid any potential stalker issues, but also to make sure no family and friends stumble across your profile. Regardless of whether they already know what you do or not, its nicer for both parties if no one accidentally ends up on your profile page right?


This is one of the most important things you can do to stay protected online. As soon as you sign up for a cam site, make sure you get this sorted first. Geoblocking allows you to update your location services and block anyone from your city, state or even country from seeing your stream. It means that they can still use the cam site but you will not appear in any of their search results. Make sure that the cam site you sign up for offers this service if keeping your work secret is important to you.

Be aware that this is not going to block people using VPNs which changes their IP address to that of a different country. And, don’t forget about this if you are doing a show with someone else. Their geoblocking set up might be different to yours, so check in first to make sure you don’t get shown anywhere you don’t want to be. 

Don’t give out your personal information

This might seem obvious, but keep your personal information to yourself and choose a fake name or stage name to go by. This means that your fans won’t be able to search for you online and come across any of your personal social media accounts or personal information. And go for something very different from your name. Anything too similar might still show up in their search results. 

Don’t give out your address

Never, ever give out your personal address to anyone no matter how far away they are. If someone wants to send you a gift, have them send it to a P.O Box or mail address that you can pick it up from. Or create a private wish list and ask that they send you something from that. That means they never see your address or personal information. 

Make sure that you use a service that will not provide your tracking information or address to the buyer under any circumstances while using a wish list. Most adult sites will be a bit more careful about this than websites like Amazon. Some cam sites will host the wish lists on their sites and send things on your behalf too.

Turn your social media accounts to private

Even if your fans happen to find your real social media accounts, they will need to send you a request to access anything. This gives you total control over who can see your posts and interact with you, and who can’t.

Be careful with your photos

Make sure you don’t share any photos on your cam site profile that you have used elsewhere like on your personal social media accounts. Or vice versa. People can use photos to search for matches now and if you have a photo on your profile and also on a social account, they will be able to match you to that account. 

Make sure you turn off location information for your photos too. iPhone photos will state your location unless you turn this off in your settings. Make sure you never accidentally share your location on your public social media accounts. 

Don’t open links sent from viewers

Make sure you protect yourself and your precious computer and refuse to open links from viewers. These can be viruses which will infect your computer, or they may be viruses which obtain your IP address and give your location to the sender. 

Avoid PayPal

There are multiple reasons to avoid PayPal for cam models. The first being that it is very easy to find your real name on this platform as you will need it to create a verified account. The second thing is that it is very easy to get a refund following the transaction which means you will lose your money. All the client needs to do is tell PayPal that the service was for a sexual purpose and they will take the money from you and give it back to the client. And, there is nothing you can do about it. Whatever happens, avoid them!

Be aware of your set

It’s very easy to give out personal information or your location during a live cam streaming. Viewers may recognize something outside your window, or a cup from a particular café, or a letter with your name on it. So do a scan before every camming session to make sure there is nothing that will give you away.

On that note, you also need to be careful about what you talk about. If you mention a bar or restaurant near you or an event going on soon, some viewers will be able to figure out where you live. This is likely not such a big problem if you are in a big city with thousands or millions of people but, you never know!

Read the guidelines for your cam site

Read the guidelines of your cam site thoroughly! They usually explain in detail how to set up security measures for your protection, as well as tips for keeping your identity private. This should be the first thing you look at once you sign up.

Don’t forget that although your fans may seem trustworthy and easy to talk to, there are simply showing the best of themselves to talk to you (as you are, talking to them), and they may not turn out to be as nice as they seem. Your privacy and your protection are extremely important and you need to take them seriously.