Good things take time and this applies to cam models too. There are a lot of cam models out there trying to make it big and getting to that point takes a lot of time, effort and self-promotion. Promoting anything can be hard but it is especially daunting when you are trying to promote your own brand. But some tips can make promoting yourself as a cam model a bit easier.

A lot of it is going to come down to engaging with your fan base and giving them something to be excited about. The fans love feeling special and feeling like they know you as a person, even if all they see is the persona that you portray onscreen.

Here are some top tips for promoting yourself as a cam model.

Get on social media

No matter what industry you are in these days, there is no denying that social media plays a huge role in advertising and marketing. Even if you want to keep your cam model life private, you should really have some form of social media account going to connect with your fans. So, turn your accounts to private and set up some new cam model accounts to promote your work.

Twitter and Instagram are ideal places for sharing some cheeky photos and life updates about what you are getting up to off-screen. And if you are attempting to remain anonymous, just use your screen name and keep your face out of any photos you post.

It’s also a great place to post your schedule and let fans know when you will be online. Or if you can’t make it for whatever reason, let them know that too! They won’t like it if they are waiting around and you never show… not a good look. Take that minute to let them know, apologize and get back to them with a new time. They will really appreciate it.

And most importantly, make sure you add links to your cam profile on every social account you have. They need to know where to find you!

Learn all about hashtags

When it comes to social media, hashtags are your best chance of getting noticed and finding new fans. Do some research about which cam model hashtags get the most hits and add them to every post you make.

Comment and engage with other models

It’s really important to engage with other models, respond to posts and leave comments. This is a great way to spread your reach and maybe even make some online friends. Your name will appear on these posts when you leave a comment and you may end up being noticed by some of their fans.

Look at what others are doing – and copy them!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery right? So, why not emulate others that are doing really well with their self-promotion? I’m sure you already have an eye on a few models that are doing amazing things in the cam world. So, how are they getting there? What are they doing that seems to be working so well? Yes, these models might have a few years’ experience on you, but you have to start somewhere.

Check out their social accounts and their cam site profiles to see what sets them apart. What do they post? How do they engage with their fans? What seems to get the most engagement? Now, try to do some of these actions for yourself and see how it goes. If it works for you, keep it up! If it doesn’t, maybe try something different.

Tag yourself as a ‘New Model’

Pretty much every cam site has this feature which allows you to tag yourself as a new model. This is extremely important as it will mean you get seen by a lot more people and you will hopefully get some fans in those first few days. The more people see you right at the start, the better your chances are of making it big in the long-run. And don’t forget the importance of tags and filters for the rest of your time onsite either. Make sure you tag every single thing that applies to you. That way, when people search on the site, you will appear in the results.

Watermark your videos and images

Watermarking any videos or photos that you sell to fans or share on your social media accounts. That way, if someone shares any of this content, your name will be on it. If someone sees it and likes it, they will know where to find you.

Keep your fans happy

No matter how many people view your live cams, the most important people are those regular fans that keep coming back for more and actually pay you for your work. These people are going to be your main income so treat them like kings and they will treat you (and hopefully pay you) like the queen you are.

And remember, while these are all avenues of promotion that you should consider, there are no quick fixes or fast roads to fame. It’s going to take a while to get the viewer numbers you need to become popular. And a long time to get the fans you need to start making some real money in this industry. But it can be done! If it wasn’t possible, there wouldn’t be thousands of cam models online at any given time right?!